Campground Guidelines

These guidelines will ensure a more pleasant stay for everyone.

  1. CHECK OUT TIME is 12 Noon.  Please be prompt.  Late departure requests are subject to management’s approval and may incur a charge.  To extend your stay, subject to availability, please re-register before 10am.  An extra night's rent will be payable if an extension is not notified to the office.
  2. CHECK IN TIME is set at 2pm.  Exceptions to this rule may be allowed if the site has been serviced.
  3. QUIET TIME is 10pm to 8am.  Only registered guests and vehicles are permitted in the campground after 10pm.
  4. SPEED LIMIT is 15 kph on all roadways and is strictly enforced at all times.  Young children are at play.
  5. Parking is not permitted in vacant stalls, on roadways or on the grass.  RV jacks are not to be placed on grass.  Guests are to park in their designated areas.  Unregistered vehicles may be towed at the owner's expense. 
  6. Air tight sewer adapters must be used when hooking up a sewer hose and city water hook-up must be leak free.
  7. It is the responsibility of all campers to maintain a clean and tidy site.  Bagged garbage left out attracts wildlife.  Please use dumpsters and recycle bins.  Over sized or bagged recycled items may be left beside the recycle bins.  No hazardous goods, furniture, rugs, chairs, etc. are permitted in the dumpsters.  Violators may incur a Clean Up Fee starting at $25 charged to Credit Card on file.
  8. No personal belongings may be stored under or around the RV.  No Laundry may be hung or displayed at your site.
  9. RVs must meet Campground standards.  No building of steps, decks or add-on rooms is permitted without management approval. 
  10. Mats are not permitted on the grass.
  11. Satellite dishes are not to be attached to any campground property or placed on the grass without management approval.
  12. Propane BBQs are to be kept off the grass. No open flame stoves are allowed on the picnic tables.
  13. No washing, repairing, servicing or refuelling RVs or motor vehicles is permitted on the campground property without management approval.
  14. Skateboarding is not permitted on the roadways of the Campground.
  15. Messages will be posted on the notice board outside campground office.
  16. Any damage to campground property will be charged accordingly.
  17. Cigarette butts are not to be littered on the grounds.  Smoking and eating is prohibited in campground buildings.
  18. Tents are not authorized on RV sites.
  19. Picnicking is not permitted in this Campground if you are not a registered camper


Pets are permitted but certain conditions apply.  Pets must be under control and on leash.  Pet waste must be picked up immediately and deposited into a dumpster.  Aggressive dogs are prohibited in the campground.  NOTE:  If pet waste is left on a site, a clean up fee may be charged to Credit Card on file.  Failure to abide by the Pet Policy may terminate your stay in the campground.  Please report any problems to Campground Staff.


FURTHER DETAILS may be obtained by visiting or calling the office at

403 342 8183

or visit us on






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